A summary of the bluest eye by toni morrison

Nine-year-old Claudia MacTeer and her year-old sister, Frieda, live with their parents in an "old, cold and green" house. What they lack in money they make up for in love. The MacTeers decide to take in a boarder named Mr. At the same time, they also take in young Pecola Breedlove, whose father recently hit her mother and tried to burn down the family home.

A summary of the bluest eye by toni morrison

The wide-ranging narrative experimentation is something that, for the most part, her later novels would not continue; the themes with which it deals, however, were to remain important in all of her later works. After this, the voice of the character who is the main narrator, Claudia McTeer, appears, and she very quickly summarizes the plot of the novel that follows: Pecola was raped by her father and became pregnant with a child who never grew.

In this way, the shock value of this rape is removed from the narrative and the focus of the novel is shifted away from what happened to why and how it happened.

The first section begins in the autumn ofin Lorain, Ohio. Shortly after Claudia and her sister Frieda recover from the flu, Pecola comes to stay with the McTeer family temporarily because her father, Cholly Breedlove, started a fire in their rented home, landing himself in jail and putting the rest of his family out of a home.

Pecola drinks three quarts of milk in one day for the pleasure of looking at this mug. Pecola clearly idolizes Shirley Temple as the ideal girl, even though such a fair-skinned ideal leaves the dark-skinned, brown-eyed Pecola to be condemned as ugly. While she is still staying with the McTeer family, Pecola begins menstruating.

Pecola herself takes her question to three prostitutes; they do not answer her question, but they do make her feel welcome.


Pecola also buys some Mary Jane candies so she can experience, as she eats them, what it might be like to be lovely and loved, as the girl on the candy wrapper is.

These two passages between them epitomize the idea that love is something which is packaged and sold—but only in imitations. Some of the most engrossing passages of the novel are the ones that trace the personal histories of Cholly and Pauline Breedlove. One passage that is narrated alternately by a third-person narrator and by Pauline recalls the beginning of her relationship with Cholly and the deterioration of their marriage after they moved north to Ohio.

It is clear that Cholly has become increasingly harsh over the years, but she nevertheless recalls their lovemaking fondly, and this fondness is part of why she stays with him. At the funeral of his Aunt Jimmy, who raised him, he coaxes a cousin, Darlene, into having sex with him, but they are caught by a group of white men who point guns at them and tell them to keep going.

Plot Overview

By the time he meets Pauline, the reader learns of a variety of crimes, including murder, of which he is guilty. His courting of her comes to look like only one more thing he did simply to prove that he could; his turning against her seems inevitable.

His rape of Pecola is not excused, but it is seen as an extension of the early experience that forever linked violence and tenderness together for him. The next one sees of Pecola, she is clearly mad and is having a conversation with an imaginary friend who assures her how blue her eyes are.

A summary of the bluest eye by toni morrison

Claudia sees Pecola as a victim who was sacrificed by the entire community. The responsibility does not belong only to Cholly, who, she allows, tried in his destructive way to love her. Speaking for the novelist, Claudia wants to indict the way society encourages people such as Pecola and Cholly to measure themselves by arbitrary standards such as race that deny them individual value.The Bluest Eye is the first novel written by Toni Morrison in Morrison, a single mother of two sons, wrote the novel while she taught at Howard University.

[1]. The Bluest Eye, first novel by Toni Morrison, published in This tragic study of a black adolescent girl’s struggle to achieve white ideals of beauty and her consequent descent into madness was acclaimed as an eloquent indictment of some of the more subtle forms of racism in American society.

Bluest Eye study guide contains a biography of Toni Morrison, literature essays, quiz questions, major themes, characters, and a full summary and analysis. About Bluest Eye Bluest Eye Summary.

A short summary of Toni Morrison's The Bluest Eye. This free synopsis covers all the crucial plot points of The Bluest Eye. The title of Toni Morrison's The Bluest Eye is significant because it relates directly to the themes of the novel. Literally speaking, "the bluest eye" is a reference to the wish that Pecola.

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