Down syndrome outline

Applications of biochemistry[ edit ] Testing Ames test — salmonella bacteria is exposed to a chemical under question a food additive, for exampleand changes in the way the bacteria grows are measured. This test is useful for screening chemicals to see if they mutate the structure of DNA and by extension identifying their potential to cause cancer in humans. Pregnancy test — one uses a urine sample and the other a blood sample. Both detect the presence of the hormone human chorionic gonadotropin hCG.

Down syndrome outline

To see any graphs, charts, graphics, images, and quotes to which Dr. Greger may be referring, watch the above video.

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And, indeed, five years later, it was discovered that antibodies against Candida, a totally different kind of yeast, the yeast that causes thrush and vaginal yeast infections, can cross-react with Saccharomyces.

Or, hey, maybe Candida is the innocent bystander, and exposure to food and beverage yeast is the real culprit. If they do, then indeed, it was the culprit. Before I get to the study, let me just first bust some Candida myths. Candida is a normal constituent of our gut flora.

Get some Candida in your bloodstream though, and it can cause a life-threatening infection. Just like having stool bacteria in our colon is normal, but stool bacteria in our blood or a wound would be bad.

Give people powerful antifungal drugs, and you can drop levels down, but they pop right back up again as soon as you stop them.

But, oh, those are fighting words.

Down syndrome outline

And indeed, there are reports of people being treated for what may be a fake diagnosis ending up in quite dire straits because of it. So, researchers decided to put it to the test.

And, they found no relationship to whether or not they had Candida growing in their gut.*the abbreviation ds is for down syndrome SPECIFIC PURPOSE- to inform my audience about Down syndrome INTENDED AUDIENCE- Psychology Class THESIS- Today, I will go over the history of Down syndrome, causes, diagnosing down syndrome, and its place in society/5(1).


All 3 types of Down syndrome are genetic conditions (relating to the genes), but only 1% of all cases of Down syndrome have a hereditary component (passed from parent to child through the genes).

Heredity is not a factor in trisomy 21 (nondisjunction) and mosaicism. What is Meralgia Parasthetica (Bernhardt-Roth Syndrome) Meralgia parasthetica occurs as a result of compression to the lateral femoral cutaneous nerve, a long nerve that stretches from the spine through the groin and into the upper thigh.

the Autism, PDD and Asperger Syndrome page includes answers to frequently asked questions, informational articles about advocacy, legal resources and cases, recommended books, free publications, information and support groups.

Children with Down syndrome have multiple malformations and mental impairment because of the presence of extra genetic material from chromosome The symptoms of post-abortion syndrome will not necessarily appear at the same time, nor is any woman likely to experience the entire list.

Some may occur immediately after an .

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