Essay of thandi in marathi language

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Essay of thandi in marathi language

It is also know as dangguli in Bangla chinni-dandu in Kannada, kuttiyum kolum in Malayalam, viti-dandu in Marathi, kitti-pullu in Tamil, gooti-billa in Telugu, and Lappa-Duggi in Pashto. This sport is generally played in the rural and small towns of the Indian subcontinent. The rules are different everywhere and you can have fun making your own rules.

Imagine a game like cricket or baseball but without a ball! A small circle of four feet diameter is drawn. In the centre a small oblong shaped hole is dug which should be smaller than the gilli.

Two teams are formed.

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One bat and the other fields. Fielders stand in a position from where they can catch the gilli. The first player places the gilli in the hole and lifts it quickly high in the air with the danda and then strikes it.

If he fails at first, he gets another turn. If the fielder catches the gilli before it touches the ground, the batsman is out and the second player tries to hit the gilli.

Essay of thandi in marathi language

If the gilli is not caught, then the distance from the hole to the place where the gilli falls is measured with the danda. Each danda equals one point. The fielder stands where the gilli had fallen and tosses it to the batsman. The batsman tries to hit the gilli while it is in the air.

If it falls in the circle then he is out, if it falls outside the circle then he taps the tapered end and lifts it in the air and strikes while it is in the air. He gets three chances to hit the gilli. If he does not hit it, or is caught, he is out.

The game continues till all batsmen are out. The team changes side and continues the same way. The team with higher score wins. Gilli danda is a very dangerous game to play.

Many a times the "Gilli" can go astray and hit one of the players or passersby, so it needs to be played carefully so that no players or passers get hurt.The Rainy Season begins in India when the South West Monsoon winds begin to blow over this country.

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Essay on Marathi Language! The Maharashtri Apabhramsa developed into Marathi language quite early, but its literature emerged in the latter half of the 13th century. Marathi literature actually started with religious writings by saint-poets belonging to Mahanubhava and Warkari sects.

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Navratri essay in marathi language. network essay conclusion paragraph school essay on nature conservation lawctopus essay help 12 pages single spaced essay essay on mother in kannada language translator. Wahlzettel beispiel essay Wahlzettel beispiel essay, essay about doctor faustus. Gajanan Digambar Madgulkar (October 1, –December 14, ) was an Indian poet, lyricist, play-writer, actor and orator. Ga Di Ma, as he was popularly known, was the leading name in Marathi literature and one of the great modern poets of Maharashtra. along with its other group companies, known as The Times Group, also publishes The Economic Times, Mumbai Mirror, Pune Mirror, Bangalore Mirror, Ahmedabad Mirror, the Navbharat Times (a Hindi-language daily broadsheet), the Maharashtra Times (a Marathi-language daily broadsheet) and Ei Samay (a Bengali daily). In late , Times Group acquired Vijayanand Printers Limited (VPL).

This blog is our place to share our passion for languages and cultures. Urdu, the national language of Pakistan is considered by many to be the same language as Hindi. Historically, India was a much bigger country, including the territories of today's Pakistan and Bangladesh, and the language spoken in the country was called Hindustani.

संसार भर में मधुमेह रोगियों की संख्या तेजी से बढ़ रही है विशेष रूप से भारत में। इस बीमारी में रक्त में ग्लूकोज का स्तर सामान्य से अधिक बढ़ जाता है तथा.

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