From protecting the environment to preserving

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From protecting the environment to preserving

Case Studies The implications of climate change and the threat of diminishing natural resources are compelling us to rethink the way we design, engineer, construct and operate our buildings and infrastructure.

It is inevitable that demand for housing, hospitals, transport, power and other vital infrastructure will rise. This is, of course, good news for our industry. But for development on this scale to be feasible, it must be safe and sustainable. Traditional construction methods are carbon-intensive — and the built environment is the single biggest source of global CO2 emissions.

The challenge is enormous - and no organisation can solve it in isolation.

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To this end, we are working with academic and industry partners to develop smarter processes and more sustainable products, delivering energy-efficient structures.

At the same time we remain focused on reducing carbon and eliminating waste. Change through innovation Our Design for Manufacture and Assembly DfMA approach has the potential to significantly minimise negative impacts in delivery and maximise efficiency in use.

Working with independent environmental bodies and government regulators, we are actively taking steps towards these targets. We have invested in more fuel-efficient fleet, while making improvements to our systems and processes. Eliminating waste Our primary objective is to eliminate waste at source through efficient design, procurement, manufacturing and engineering methodologies.

In line with this, we have set stretching waste reduction and recycling targets. Where waste arises on our projects we operate strict management protocols. This includes mandatory recycling quotas.

Last year, we diverted By we aim to recycle per cent of non-hazardous waste. The NCWRP is a network of social enterprises that provides a collection service for wood waste, while giving disadvantaged people employment and development opportunities. Our contribution - alongside that of other supporting organisations — has helped to fund permanent jobs nationwide and provide 38, days of training and work experience.

Sourcing responsibly Our responsible sourcing policy mandates the selection of products with the lowest environmental impact. To qualify, organisations must provide detailed evidence of how social, environmental, health and safety, and other ethical issues are managed. It is the first time composite precast concrete components have been certified under the scheme.

From protecting the environment to preserving

Protecting biodiversity We are committed to protecting and, wherever possible, enhancing the natural environment on and around our sites and offices. This is mandated thorough our biodiversity policy and environmental management system — and underlined in our target to eliminate all Category 1 environmental incidents.

Assurance We work to the highest standards of environmental compliance and management.

Illinois Attorney General - Environmental Divisions Suseno Sukoyono A remarkable government official from the Ministry of Marine Affairs, who is well-respected in the national and international arena for his leadership, dedication and commitment to marine conservation and sustainable resource use.
Environment Today, Norfolk is facing many challenges including population growth, climate change and the ending of the partnership with the European Union. At the same time, there are huge pressures to grow our economy and build more houses.

Strengthening our systems We have made substantial changes to our ISO certified environmental management system. To ensure our sites are as energy and waste efficient as possible, the new system provides enhanced guidance to help our projects set up and dismantle in the most sustainable way.

High environmental performance is an ongoing priority and is achieved by our actions in line with this policy. This policy sits alongside our Sustainability policy as part of our global policy framework, underpinned by our Global Code of Conduct.The Alliance for Bio-Integrity aims (a) to inform the public about technologies and practices that negatively impact on health and the environment and (b) to inspire broad-based, responsible action that helps correct the problems and uphold the integrity of the natural order.

The truth, of course, is that most of us care more about our standard of living than we do about the health of some species we seldom if ever the truth, even harder to admit, is that most of us care more about our own welfare than we do about that of persons living three or four or five generations hence.

LINI is helping the coastal communities, in Buleleng and Karangasem – Bali and some places throughout Indonesia to rehabilitate their reefs by establishing artificial reef aggregation structures in damaged areas.

The objective of this community-based reef rehabilitation is to regain the function of the reefs to serve as habitats for fish and other . Connecticut Fund for the Environment/Save the Sound is the preeminent regionally-focused nonprofit leading the way on effective environmental programs throughout Connecticut and the .

One of the primary responsibilities of the Attorney General's office is safeguarding the public by protecting the environment. Attorney General Madigan plays a significant role in protecting the health and welfare of all Illinois residents and strives to provide a future that will include a safe environment.

Welcome to the home page of the Department of the Environment (DOE). DOE is part of the Northern Ireland Executive.

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