Term paper on schizophrenia

The author, diagnosed with schizophrenia at age 25, is now a psychologist who works with persons who have been hospitalized with mental illness. He frequently delivers presentations about coping with schizophrenia.

Term paper on schizophrenia

National Institute of Mental Health - concise overview of different disorders, diagnoses, treatments, options, and resoureces Rethink - UK mental illness charity - wealth of information for patients and family on disorders, coping, practical matters, etc.

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Good files to start with include: Treatment, Access, Hope for the Future? Build a support network as soon as you can of other families with similar experiences.

The discussion boards at schizophrenia. Also, consider taking a Family-to-Family class also through NAMIa free week education course designed for and taught by family caregivers of people with severe mental illness.

Classification and diagnosis

This class is highly recommended by many members of schizophrenia. See the Family-to-Family website for more program information and class schedules.

Find the mental health support resources in your area. Search a state-by-state database of available mental health services in the U. What is the prognosis?

Term paper on schizophrenia

How likely is it that a person with schizophrenia will ever have a "normal" life? With treatment, rehabilitation therapy, and lots of social support and understanding, many schizophrenia patients can recover to the point where their symptoms are more or less completely controlled.

Many are living independently, have families and jobs, and lead happy lives. See the success stories of some such patients on the schizophrenia. Many people are very surprised by the illness and don't know what to do.

But as time goes on, most people learn what works. They find their best medication. They find a way to live that is satisfying and doesn't stress them too much. They learn not to drink too much alcohol, and to take care of themselves.

The find a good doctor, and often others help them, such as friends, priest, or counselor. People make a decent life for themselves. They find love, ,they find work The key is to stick with the medication, and to never give up. We still don't know why some patients deteriorate faster than others, why some don't respond to medication as well, why some make good recoveries while others are unable to.

It's important to realize that while there are lots of things that the patient and the family can do to help the prognosis, schizophrenia is a disease that sometimes takes its own unexpected course.

Setbacks are to be expected, and are not signs of failure on anyone's part. It's important to set your own expectations and goals whether you are the person suffering from schizophrenia or a caregiver to an achievable level, and appreciate accomplishments for what they are rather than what they're not.

There are factors in the course of the disease that can, to a certain degree, help predict the various outcomes. You can improve the chances for a good prognosis by knowing what the indicators for possible relapse areworking to get the best possible treatment as quickly as possible, and learning how to effectively self-manage a long-term mental illness.

For a good presentation on the prognosis for people who have schizophrenia, and an update on new treatments for schizophrenia see the Stanford University "New Treatments for Schizophrenia" presentation.

How is schizophrenia treated? They are not as effective in controlling negative symptoms, and may cause side-effects of their own.

Term paper on schizophrenia

See our Medications area for information on commonly prescribed antipsychotic medications - how they work, how effective they are, what side-effects they cause - as well as additional info on research studies and medications in clinical trials.In November voters in the states of Colorado and Washington approved ballot initiatives that legalized marijuana for recreational use.

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Urinary kryptopyrrole, or pyrolleuria, reliably indicates schizophrenia. Niacin and/or niacinamide in large doses treats psychosis successfully. As official journal of the Schizophrenia International Research Society (SIRS) Schizophrenia Research is THE journal of choice for international researchers and clinicians to share their work with the global schizophrenia research community.

12 Aspects of Coping for Persons with Schizophrenia

More than institutes have online or print (or both) access to this journal - the largest . Schizophrenia Information > FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions and Answers: The following are questions commonly posted on our discussion boards, along .

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Glossary of Terms and Concepts Probably there will never be such a test since the clinical diagnosis is subjective and there is wide disagreement among clinicians about the diagnosis. I therefore compared the results of testing for this compound with the results obtained on the HOD Hoffer-Osmond Diagnostic test.
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