Understanding the concept of doublethink in the world of george orwells 1984

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Understanding the concept of doublethink in the world of george orwells 1984

The mascot of the government, the aforementioned Big Brother, is everywhere, never letting both the characters and the readers feel safe. This is the main line of the novel — the absence of safety, freedom and personal space. The novel starts from a seemingly peaceful note: But there is nothing blissful in it: Nothing will bloom in such hostile conditions.

We meet our protagonist, Winston Smith, the most average person we can only imagine. But his daily routine we follow throughout the novel is anything except average for us.

The words of newspeak mutate into the clumsy constructs that may have only one meaning — as we learn later it is also done on purpose. Reinventing the very concept and naming it anew is a hard task only a few can accomplish.

The most unnerving concept of the newspeak is the doublethink — a new paradigm of thinking that demands from people to believe in the two opposite ideas simultaneously and wholeheartedly.

The doublethink is the invention of the Ministry of Truth that works with lie and propaganda, rewriting history almost daily according to the current demands.

We see the example of their work, when they are destroying the previous newspapers and printing the new ones, replacing the news with the others. The people who read the newspapers and listen to the propaganda make themselves instantly believe that what was yesterday never happened and live according to their new worldview.

The idea came from inspiring protection to blatantly threatening everyone and reminding them of obedience. The setting is described more through the story of Winston and his forbidden love.

Related Questions Symbolism Summary The story starts, as the title tells us, in the year ofand it takes place in England or as it is called at that time, Airstrip One. The country is ruled by the Party, which is led by a figure called Big Brother.

This feeling slowly evolves, and Winston starts to see how wrong and flawed his society is. Very carefully and with the great caution he starts to doubt in the ideals of the Party and soon it grows to a full-blown hatred to the government. He trusts his thoughts to his only friend, who, as Winston thinks, agrees with his ideas.

But the friend appears to be a high-ranked government worker, who deliberately plays a doubtful one and befriends the potential traitors to blow their cover and then pass them to the mysterious Room The Room is another horrifying concept invented by George Orwell.

Understanding the concept of doublethink in the world of george orwells 1984

It is highly personalized, presenting every convict the special kind of torture they fear most. Lots of the traits are taken from Communist Party.

The never-ending war reflects the World War Two, at the beginning of which Stalin and Hitler were allies, but after the attack of the Nazi Germany the propaganda turned everything upside down, claiming that Nazis were always the mortal enemies of the Communists.

What is Newspeak?

But it is not only technical devices and mind controlling through language and media. The people themselves are clearly assisting the system to maintain itself.

The feeling of suspicion they constantly live in, makes them avoid friendship and, seeing the fate of Winston, we understand why: They try to maintain the bright facade of a normally functioning society, they are polite and resort to allowed social interaction usually low-quality amusements like drinking and porn provided by government.

But still, there are no real social connections.What are some examples of how George Orwell's concept of doublethink from his novel exist in today's society?

Concluding Thoughts

What are some books with a similar ending to George Orwell's ? Is the idea of the TV show Big Brother taken from George Orwell's ? The first part, the first eight chapters, creates the world of , a totalitarian world where the Party tries to control everything, even thought and emotion.

In this part, Winston develops his first unorthodox thoughts. Doublethink is the act of simultaneously accepting two mutually contradictory beliefs as correct, often in distinct social contexts.

Doublethink is related to, but differs from, hypocrisy and neutrality. The Relevancy of George Orwell's "" in the Modern World Winston is not initially as forthcoming with his beliefs as the band Pussy Riot, but both eventually conclude that moral righteousness is a justification to defy governments who propagate injustices against their own people.

George Orwell’s classic dystopian novel is particularly impactful when looked at from Marxism and Deconstruction mindsets.

Aspects of the novel’s plot, language, and characters will be. George Orwell saw real-life politics as full of borderline schizophrenics and doublethink, as it was used in , was a reference to that I think. An example of doublethink in the novel occurs with O’Brien.

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